WWE Network Will Migrate to Peacock

Peacock, the new streaming service of NBC, has secured the rights to the WWE Network. What this means is that all, all of the content now available on WWE Network will move to Peacock. All existing subscribers of WWE Network will automatically move to Peacock on March 18th. All new streaming events starting with Fastlane on March 21st will move to Peacock.

Peacock is actually available for $4.99 with ads or $9.99 ad free. So if you don’t mind a few ads you can actually save a few bucks a month on this deal. Per Variety:

“The over-the-top wrestling entertainment service’s existing U.S. subscribers (about 1.1 million in total) will be migrated over to Peacock Premium, where they’ll continue to get access to WWE Network but will pay 50% less per month while getting full access to the version of the Peacock Premium tier with ads.”

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but WSJ states: “A person familiar with the deal said it runs five years and is valued at more than $1 billion.”

Mike’s Take: I in no way ever planned to subscribe to Peacock. But that just changed. Because I will automatically have an account come March 18th. This is obviously great for WWE and adds another 1.1 million subs to Peacock. Now that WWE and NBC made their exclusive streaming deal, I’d expect other companies to follow. AEW is still thriving on PPV but how long can that last? Could AEW major shows move to HBOMax? Could IMPACT Plus get enough of a respectable sub count for their app to warrant an exclusive deal with someone like Amazon Prime? The TV landscape continues to evolve and WWE is always at the forefront.

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