IMPACT To Air On Youtube and Facebook in the UK; No Longer Airing on FreeSports

IMPACT Representatives sent along the following information regarding how to watch IMPACT in the UK going forward:

“From this coming Wednesday, weekly episodes of IMPACT! will be available to stream on Facebook and YouTube in the UK and Ireland, within hours of the American broadcast!

The message went on to confirm that they will no longer be airing on FreeSports and Premier.

Mike’s Take: Tough blow to IMPACT but at least fans in the UK will be able to watch for free online seemingly right away. I followed their ratings patterns on FreeSports and they would get anywhere from 8-15K viewers a week and were usually one of the top 10 programs on the station. Not blow away numbers by any means.

FreeSports has a history of backing out of deals with wrestling companies rather quickly. They were the home of RevPro, MLW and others but never for very long.

This does open the rumor mill, which admittedly I am starting, that this could be the UK home for New Japan. Keep in mind, THIS IS PURE SPECULATION. NJPW has a history with Eurosports and just inked a deal with them in India so it could just as easily be them, or neither.

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