Update on Upcoming IMPACT Tapings

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, IMPACT is having a quicker turnaround regarding their tv tapings as it is expected to commence from February 9th-11th.

“IMPACT Wrestling has a quicker turnaround this time, as we’ve been told they plan to film between February 9 and 11 of next week”.

The report goes on to state that a “one name not on the roster who will be at the tapings”.

Another interesting note is that apparently, Matt Cardona did not know he would actually debut in IMPACT till the day before the ppv.

CHUCKS TAKE: This makes sense and to be quite honest, it’s a good thing as it makes the content fresh and falls within a specific timeline as the partnership between IMPACT/AEW hopefully continues to blossom. I sensed IMPACT would return to the two day taping block which is always 4 weeks worth of IMPACT content with the 3rd day, being an IMPACT Plus special. Expect February 9th-10th to be tv tapings and the 11th a day dedicated to the IMPACT Plus Special. I’m very curious to know who the talent will be.

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