5 Takeaways From The February 9th Episode of IMPACT!

Tonights episode of IMPACT was the go-home show for No Surrender. It was a good episode of IMPACT so far with storylines advancements taking place on this episode. Here are my five takeaways from this week’s episode of IMPACT.


Trey Miguel is an excellent wrestler who unfortunately has not been given enough time and a solid platform to perform at a high level, primarily all due to his interaction with the rascalz. His bout in the 8 man tag team match where he secured a submission win over Blake Christian signifies just how impressive he is in the ring, coupled with his ability to cut a passionate promo. He is more believable as a character and there aren’t a lot of highfliers in the industry today that can deliver such a good promo. I expect his rivalry with Sami Callihan to take place at Rebellion which should be a banger if IMPACT lets them. The promotion should throw their weight behind him and sign him to a long term deal.


What is the status of the knockouts division in IMPACT? The division has regressed so much in star power since Bound For Glory. I understand names suck as Kylie Rae and Madison Rayne left due to personal reasons, but how was she adequately replaced? Taya Valkyrie, the longest tenured knockout champion and one of the biggest stars left with no suitable replacement in sight. As it stands, nobody in the knockouts division besides Deonna, have any form of momentum in the IMPACT roster, which typically is not a good thing. For the division to make sense, multiple feuds will need to emerge. Jordynne Grace who is one of the most talented knockouts on our roster, currently has no momentum should be given the room and time to face multiple knockouts or jobbers to further build momentum. Establishing an independent feud absence of Deonna will help regain her momentum moving forward so that she can revisit her feud with Deonna down the line.


There were news circulating in mid January stating Black Taurus was at the IMPACT tapings which ended up being the case as he made his IMPACT return aligning himself with Decay as they look to insert a foothold in their ongoing saga against XXXL and Tenille. Having Black Taurus as a member of Decay setting up a potential tag team partnership with Crazy Steve is good because IMPACT needs to rebuild their tag team since the departure of Ethan Page ending the North and the Rascalz to the WWE. Now the tag team seems to be regaining traction once more with the Good Brothers, MCMG, XXXL, Reno Scum, Heath & Rhino and potentially VBD and Rohit/Shera. only time will tell if these tag teams will manifest and create an avalanche of teams for IMPACT.


The Deaners on IMPACT were not clicking as a unit on IMPACT, breaking up the tag team made sense as there was a deeper story in play for Cody Deaner due to his past affiliation with Eric Young and Cousin Jake, who fans affectionately have know as ‘Jake Something” in the Indies. Cody Deaner had to do a complete change on his character; turning heel, sporting a new haircut and some nice ring attire all which has enabled enough praise on such a transformation, which led fans to question what’s next for Cousin Jake, until tonight, when he morphed into Jake Something challenging Cody Deaner into a match at No Surrender. IMPACT should use this as an opportunity to fully establish Jake Something as a singles wrestler. Having him feud with Cody Deaner and establishing a longterm storyline with Eric Young would do wonders for his career. He should also rack up a couple of wins to build momentum in IMPACT moving forward.


The contract confrontation between Swann and Dreamer was one of the best segments from IMPACT in a longtime. Say what you will about Dreamer, as I have my doubts with him, nobody in the IMPACT locker room cuts a more passionate promo than Dreamer. The Moose appearance further cemented the ongoing rivalry between Swann-Moose that should have happened at Hard To Kill, which unfortunately was not the case due to the emergence of Kenny Omega at IMPACT. A Moose vs Swann should still happen at Rebellion with Omega facing off with another IMPACT star, a certain talent in Eddie Edwards. The Swann and Moose storyline is so hot right now and should really slow down especially with two months to go until Rebellion, your would not want the saga to lose steam. Both stars should be involved in mini rivalries with different opponent at next month special before they face off for the title at Rebellion.

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