5 Takeaways From IMPACT Plus No Surrender!

IMPACT’s No Surrender was a solid event with very good matches, a potential farewell and a fierce alliance all taking place in this 3 hour IMPACT Plus event. Here are my 5 takeaways from this event.


As it stands, the knockouts division is lacking in star power right now. Deonna Purrazzo is the knockouts champion, and is the only singles knockout with any form of momentum in the division. Fire N Flava have momentum as a tag team, and just like Deonna Purazzo, they seem to lack viable challengers. Tenille Dashwood has all it takes to be an excellent knockout for IMPACT considering her pairing with Kaleb, however there seems to be a lack of momentum on her end, as she has consistently been losing matches to Rosemary and Decay. Jordynne will need a renaissance of her work, as she needs a new rivalry and is more seasoned and suitable as a singles star. The Knockouts Division desperately needs new stars, considering the avalanche of free agents currently available. The likes of Zelina Vega, Killer Kelly, Sienna, Trish Adora, Allie Kat are all suitable names for the knockouts division. Only time will tell who will debut as Matt Striker referenced on No Surrender “A lot of new faces returning”.


The second incarnation of Decay with Black Taurus is really good. Black Taurus was in a league of his own in the match against XXXL, as he clearly was the best wrestler from a purely in-ring standpoint. Comparatively to his former predecessor, Abyss was excellent in his role due to his ability to cut a legit promo, while Black Taurus brings an excellent ring presence that will properly compliment the likes of Crazy Steve. He was flawless in the ring against XXXL and a match between the two tag teams should happen, could be a potential banger if given the time. I really want to see Black Taurus vs Larry D, as both competitors are extremely good with Larry D vastly underrated in the wrestling world. Expect to see a bout between both teams on the next IMPACT Plus Special. Rohit/Shera could be potential opponents for Decay as well moving forward.


The concept when brought up originally received mixed to positive reactions. Some observers were not keen on the concept. Personally, it made complete sense especially for the X-Division. The match itself was good, it could have been better if much time was given. A gauntlet style of this magnitude would need more time than it was given. So many early eliminations, and the Bey early elimination via submission was not a good form of booking. Either Suicide, Daivari and Blake Christian should have submitted to Josh Alexander, with Bey taking a roll-up to keep him strong. The match itself should have gone much longer, probably around 25-30 minutes considering the numbers involved. However, the final 3 between Trey Miguel, Ace Austin and Josh Alexander was excellent with the Walking Weapon picking up the win.


We seem to be getting Samoa Joe 2005 vibes from Josh Alexander. He seems to be on a rampage since Ethan Page’s departure from the promotion. This gave the Walking Weapon the opportunity to seize his moment, which he has done so far. He has maintained momentum so far notching up a win in the Triple Threat Revolver, setting up a future date with TJP for the X-Division championship, with the latter retaining his title in the bout against Rohit Raju later in the evening. Both stars are excellent technical machines and students of the game that will bring the best out of each other should they step in the ring together. You can literally create a solid program around the Walking Weapon as he has a rivalry with Ace Austin in the cards and with the way things are going in the IMPACT Zone, it would bot be a shocker if both Josh Alexander and Ace Austin square off in the ring for the X-division title at Rebellion. IMPACT will need to lock Alexander down for the next 4-5 years.


With the way the wrestling industry is currently structured, the likes of WWE miles ahead of the rest of the promotions from a monetary and global perspective; to compete with this ongoing threat and onslaught, an alliance between the top promotions outside the WWE makes sense. Regardless of which promotion will benefit the most, everyone has something to gain from this. IMPACT/NJPW have more to gain from this than AEW. Hardcore IMPACT fans aren’t too familiar with NJPW, and that creates a room for them to cater to the IMPACT audience. To be quite honest, an estimated 80-90 percent of NJPW US based fans watch AEW, as the foundational structure of AEW came from NJPW, which in a way creates a business case for IMPACT regarding their contribution to the Triumvirate. With FinJuice debuting in the IMPACT Zone on Tuesday, expect to see the Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa show up in the IMPACT Zone considering the New Japan Cup is on the horizon giving the opportunity for the G.O.D to return to the United States. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, it was apparent the talks between IMPACT and NJPW have been building for months prior to the former’s relationship with AEW in December 2020.

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