Heat on Sammy Guevara For Nixing IMPACT Storyline

According to a report from SlamWrestling and later some additional details were reported by Fightful that AEW star Sammy Guevara is in Tony Khan’s doghouse for blowing a storyline with IMPACT. Sammy quitting the Inner Circle was supposed to lead to him showing up on IMPACT but he nixed several storyline ideas.

Apparently Jericho pitched the idea to Khan and the whole thing was greenlit by both companies. “Plans were made to shoot the angle the next day but Impact received a message directly from Guevara complaining about the creative direction. Impact in turn contacted Khan and Jericho with this news. Jericho reached out to Impact Executive Vice-President Don Callis about banning Guevara from Impact’s premises.” SlamWrestling

Fightful Select offered some further details:
“Guevara leaving Daily’s Place on AEW Dynamite was used to set up his quickly planned appearances on IMPACT, but it might be a little while before we see in-ring integration from AEW wrestlers to IMPACT again. Several IMPACT staff and talent have told us that nobody from AEW was seen around at the tapings last week.”

Mike’s Take: What a dumb dumb. UPDATE: I’m the dumb dumb for calling him a dumb dumb. Leaving it in though. Not only did he piss off Khan and Callis, he pissed off Jericho. Would have been really cool to see him on IMPACT and see the two companies syncing their stories together. While the report states no one from AEW was at the tapings, I fully expect Omega to be at Rebellion. I doubt Guevara could have hurt the relationship too bad. There will be some growing pains but now that NJPW is in the mix, it benefits everyone to keep the partnerships going.

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