Okada To Appear on IMPACT?

According to the Wrestler Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer offered his thoughts on the relationship between IMPACT, AEW and NJPW with the imminent arrival of Juice Robinson and David Finlay, know as FinJuice.

‘Everyone is in business now, Okada is coming at some point, somewhere, and other people are coming’.

CHUCK’S TAKE: While there is a good chance he could show up in AEW prior to IMPACT, Okada will eventually show up in the IMPACT Zone, and his arrival will be the icing on the cake and will fundamentally end the saga between all parties involved ever since the failed move in 2010-2011. IMPACT will need to use the rest of 2021 to build a solid star to counter the Okada threat. They have Moose, Edwards and Callihan to lead the charge on this. It’s imperative baby steps are taken in this triumvirate with a few stars from each promotion showing up on respective brands in order for the alliance to stay fresh. Its obvious Matt Hardy and Private Party will still be in the IMPACT Zone as they are engaged in a feud with James Storm and the MCMG with the events that transpired at No Surrender. Fin Juice is set to feud with the Good Brothers moving forward until the inevitable matchup between the Good Brothers and MCMG takes place.

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