5 NJPW vs IMPACT Matches to Make

Now that the impossible has become possible and New Japan Pro Wrestling and IMPACT has mended fences after a decade of being at odds, lets fanstasy book some possible matchups between the two companies.

5. The Good Brothers vs Guerrillas of Destiny

The two teams are already planting the seeds so not only is this match is a possibility, I’d say its highly probable. G.O.D. live in the states and traveling back and forth between Japan is incredibly difficult right now. They are scheduled to stay in New Japan up til February 28 and its unclear if they will stay longer. They need dates to work, and there is a ready made feud with their old pals the Good Brothers. Tama has been shitting on them all over his Twitter (they are all close friends BTW) so it only makes sense to see some Bullet Club on Bullet Club crime.

4. Tomohiro Ishii vs Joe Doering

This might not get the casuals too excited but these two are tailor made for each other. As best I can tell this match never happened as Doering spent the majority of his Japan career with All Japan. Doering is the perfect hoss style wrestler to go up against the smaller, yet extremely tough Ishii.

3. Minoru Suzuki vs Ken Shamrock

Would this match be an all time classic Tokyo Dome seven star match? Of course bot. But these two have have history dating back to the early days of Pancrase and are fun characters. I think it would be a wild contest that could draw some eyeballs. No one is better in their 50’s than Suzuki and Shamrock still has tricks up his sleeve.

2. Kota Ibushi vs Eddie Edwards

How great would this be? Kota is at his absolute best right now and when Edwards wants to turn on his NOAH skills he can flat out go. as best I can tell they have never faced one on one but here’s a tag match they were featured in:

1. Kazuchika Okada vs Moose

I know what you’re thinking. They don’t mesh, there’s no history, and Okada will have to carry it. But hear me out. Not many wrestlers have improved as much as Moose in the last two years. While Okada is levels above in the ring, I think he can really bring the best out of Moose and Moose would be a unique challenge for him. During the main event of Hard to Kill, no one impressed me more than Moose and every time he was in the ring with Omega, he felt like he belonged. I really think that if this match were to happen, Moose would surprise some people.

Honorable Mentions: Shingo vs Josh Alexander could be a hell of a match. Hiromu Takshi vs either Chris Bey or Ace Austin would be awesome. As far as Tanahashi goes him vs anyone is great honestly, but lets see what him and Rich Swann can do together.

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