Keiji Mutoh Signs With NOAH

The legendary 58 year old Keiji Mutoh signed a 2-yr contract with Pro Wrestling NOAH yesterday. The official announcement was made at their press conference:

The move comes just days after Mutoh won the GHC Heacy title from Go Shiozaki, ending an incredible run as champion. Mutoh was immediately challenged by Kaito Kiyomiya, which has since been confirmed as Mutoh’s first defense on March 14th

Cyberagent, the parent company of both NOAH and DDT announced a partnership with the legendary Jun Akiyama. “We are pleased to announce that Jun Akiyama, who has participated in DDT Pro-Wrestling for free, has decided to join DDT Pro-Wrestling and become the head coach on February 15, 3rd year of Reiwa. Please look forward to the success of Akiyama in the future.”

Mike’s Take: I hope the signing doesn’t mean an extended title run for Mutoh. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but he is 58. I think Kiyomiya gets the title in March but man, the timing makes me wonder.

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