Keiji Mutoh to Defend GHC Heavyweight Title in IMPACT?

During a press conference announcing his new contract with NOAH, Keiji Mutoh revealed that he had gotten mail about defending his GHC Heavyweight Title in America, in IMPACT. He did not elaborate further. See the translated video below:

Mike’s Take: Not sure how likely this is, considering Impact and New Japan just entered in to an agreement. Impact has a history with both NOAH and Mutoh. Both Ishimori (now with NJPW) and Marafuji wrestled several matches in Impact under the NOAH banner and Eddie Edwards is a NOAH favorite, but that was under a different NOAH regime. NOAH is now owned by Cyber Agent and is a direct competitor to New Japan, although they aren’t really competitive. Keiji Mutoh wrestled several matches in TNA and IMPACT, once headlining Bound For Glory in Japan. Mutoh last wrestled for Impact during a joint House of Hardcore show on an Impact Plus special back in 2019 that probably only I watched.

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