Tommy Dreamer Taking a Hiatus from the Ring

If you missed Tommy Dreamer’s match with Rich Swann from this past weekend’s “No Surrender” event on IMPACT Plus, it’s worth going out of your way to see, because it might be the last great match of a storied career. WATCH FREE ON IMPACT PLUS HERE. I was negative on the idea at first because I feel like they just keep delaying the Swann-Moose match, and while I love Tommy, he loses most matches and my old school brain tells me that you should win some big matches prior to a title shot, rather than just getting one as a birthday present. But the lead in was great and the stories and interviews that were released throughout the week were awesome and it turned me around. By showtime, I was fully invested. Dreamer had a wonderful performance and Swann was of course outstanding. The two men told a great story, and Matt Stryker and D-Lo were fantastic on commentary. Moves and kickouts don’t make great matches, stories do, and the Dreamer-Swann story was great. If that were Dreamers last match he could retire happy, but it wasn’t…

Tommy Dreamer revealed on Busted Open Radio this morning that he will be stepping away from the ring after his latest match with Moose. To be clear, he is NOT retiring, but his body is banged up and IMPACT simply is not taping enough and the breaks between matches actually makes his body feel worse. Right now IMPACT tapes every 4-6 weeks in front of no fans. The lack of fans makes it difficult to get that adrenaline rush needed to fight through a lot of the pain involved in performing.

During his match with Moose that aired last night, he pulled his hamstring while delivering a spear through a table. You wouldn’t be able to tell because it was edited but he had a lot of trouble getting up after. Tommy said that when fans are back and he can wrestle more often, or if the right story comes along we can see him again. One story and opponent that intrigues him is MJF in AEW and he said he would love to wrestle him on a Wednesday night.

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