IMPACT has “Something” in Something; TNA Title; Debbie Malenko; Sammy Drama and More!

RATINGS ANALYSIS: IMPACT had another good episode this week. The show averaged 170K viewers, which is down from last weeks 197K. They ranked #113 on cable for the night.

Cable TV Wrestling as a whole continues to decline at a rapid pace, but that is not the case for IMPACT. They are only down 5% from this time last year and they ratings are in an incline from November. For context AEW is down 15% from last year and NXT is down 20%.

Credit: Wrestlenomics

IMPACT has “Something” in Something Jake Something opened IMPACT with a victory over “cousin” and former tag team partner Deaner in a tables match. After, he was attacked by Moose which led to a “TNA Heavyweight Title” Match (more on that later). Cousin Jake in with Moose would not have been interesting at all. But Jake Something, the incarnation of Jakes Indy persona, came a across like a future main event star. Jake felt like he belonged with a star like Moose and got bigger in a losing effort. This could finally be his year. Its too bad IMPACT wasted his talent in an opening match comedy act for the last two years. He has always had this in him. Give. Him. The. Fucking. Ball.

The TNA Heavyweight Championship is now a recognized title in IMPACT. My question is, what the hell took so long? At the beginning of the pandemic Moose resurrected the belt in Tessa’s absence. The moment she didn’t return they should have recognized his title. While based off booking patterns and rumors it seems like they are going for a title for title match against Swann at Sacrifice, that would be a mistake. The TNA name is dead, but I think theres value in having a true HEAVYWEIGHT title for wrestlers over 205lbs. Keep them both activeand make the IMPACT title an openweight belt. Especially if the plan is for Omega to win the IMPACT title (no idea, just speculating) and likely not defend it again until another big PPV.

Speaking of Moose I sure do hope IMPACT re-signs him. He has been nothing but loyal to the company and is their biggest star. He really is the guy they can build the whole company around. We will see if the loyalty is reciprocated. Whatever the Good Brothers are getting, he should get at least that. If get fully behind him, he’s the draw. There’s money in a Moose-Omega PPV match down the line.

Debbie Malenko, the legendary former All Japan Women’s star is open to taking on Deonna Purazzo.

I’m basically booking the match through Twitter. Purazzo hit that like button so I guess you could say its in the works. Malenko was trained the Malenko brothers (not actually related, their real names are Simon) and was a big American star during the heyday of AJW. If you have never seen AJW, take whatever good you think about modern women’s wrestlers and multiply that by 1000. Those ladies are like the top mens NJPW stars of today. Not even kidding. She has not wrestled in about 25 years due to injury but is looking to make a comeback.

Sammy Guevara bullshit continues to leak. According to Uncle Dave: “there were losses proposed and beatdowns scheduled and while he was to win his last match, it involved a post-match beatdown that he wasn’t coming back to get revenge for. One version of the story is that he was going to lose in a three-way with Ace Austin and Chris Bey in the plans. Black Taurus took his spot, so it appears week one was Taurus & Austin & Bey over Trey Miguel & Willie Mack & Josh Alexander where he would have won. Then the winners were put in a three-way for the second week, where the winner of that was to face TJP for the X title”.

Mike’s Take: I’m so over the Guevara stuff. Dave went on to say that Khan and IMPACT really should have cleared all the plans with him a head of time, and boy thats an understatement. Taurus looked great as a replacement though. They got something with him.

Dave is also reporting that “Impact’s head of creative is Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs reports to Scott D’Amore who has the final say but the television is mostly done by Jacobs, Robert Evans and Tommy Dreamer” Mike’s Take: All silliness goes through Jacobs.

Impact fans, don’t hold your breath in regards to Thea Trinidad coming to save the Knockouts division, its not very likely.

Until next time mofos.

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