Whats Up With NWA?

The National Wrestling Alliance had quite the resurgence in 2018 and followed it up in 2019 with the debut of their Powerrr YouTube series. It was a fun, easy hour of TV that had a throwback vibe to territorial wrestling in the 80’s. While I did assume that it had a shelf life and that the show would eventually have to evolve, but we never got to see that evolution.

The pandemic, and speaking out accusations against a former executive caused the company to “temporarily” shut down. Since then Zicky Dice, James Storm, Eli Drake, Ricky Starks, and most others have left the company.

A few days ago the NWA shared some awful news that Joecephus aka The Question Mark, had passed away. Jocephus was not only a wrestler but he helped out in production as well.

Today, they removed all of their content on YouTube. This could mean a lot of things but no one really seems to have an idea.

Mike’s Take: With only a couple talents left under contract and not many in production, my guess would be that they are shutting down. However, It is entirely possible that they sold their rights and found a new home. YouTube was never really sustainable as a primary source of income. Billy Corgan and WWE negotiated in the past about bringing Powerrr to their network, but the WWE network is essentially dead and a part of Peacock, and the NWA is of no value to Peacock.

NWA has had a working agreement with AEW, allowing Thunder Rosa and their Women’s Title (now held by Sereena Deeb) on their shows. Could Khan have bought the NWA rights? It’s possible but unless they also have their own network or streaming app, just don’t see that either.

Anthem owns AXS and several low-level networks in the states, IMPACT Plus, as well as Fight Network in Canada, so they could always use the content. Or its possible they also bought the IP and could just bring in Aldis, who lives in Nashville and is a former TNA champ, as the NWA champion?

The only real value the NWA has, if they aren’t producing new shows, is the name and logos, the NWA title belt, and Nick Aldis. They really did an excellent making that title important again, and Aldis carries himself like such a star that he could easily slide in to a big company with his title and be a main event guy.

UPDATE: Uncle Dave on the WON message board is saying that an announcement is coming in the next few days and that its good news, that has nothing to do with AEW

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