Big Cass Returns to the Ring

Big Cass, who goes by CazXL now returned to the ring last night for Doc Gallows’ Lariato Pro Wrestling. The show was taped for IMPACT Plus.

Cass has been out since 2019 after going through some alcohol and mental health issues that were widely reported so there’s no need to elaborate here. At one time after splitting up with Enzo (who was on the show too) WWE was looking at him to potentially be a main event guy but personal issues prevented him and he was eventually let go.

Mike’s Take: If Cass is sober, healthy, and happy I hope someone gives him a shot. The 6’9” giant was shredded last night and looked awesome. Enzo (now NZO) appears to be creeping his way back in to wrestling as well and could serve as a mouthpiece for him, and they could either be heels or babyfaces. With their connection to Gallows, they would have an advocate in IMPACT who is currently being raided from all sides. NZO thinks IMPACT is a pretty good idea.

NWA is also set to return and has almost no talent. I don’t see AEW or WWE, and the ROH bridge is burnt. MLW loves to take shots on guys too.

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