NWA Is Still Alive

So remember when I kinda predicted that the NWA might be closing? About that… Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that the NWA is set to tape from March 21-24. There’s no details yet as to why their content was pulled from YouTube other than “its good news”. I’m happy to have been wrong about this.

I think its safe to assume that they found a deal somewhere but what that looks like is anyone’s guess. There’s been suggestions online that Tony Khan has bought it looking for a big streaming deal. If he did, and I’m not saying he did or didn’t, but if he did, It could be another spot for his younger and aging talent to work and be like a developmental league for him. Khan is big in to history and has worked with NWA in the past.

Roku channel just made a deal with New Japan and could be a fit. Not sure what they are paying for content though.

Anthem is in negotiations with New Japan to bring their show back to AXS so that tells us they are open to bringing more wrestling content to their networks outside of IMPACT.

Theres thousands of channels and streaming services out there looking for cheap content so I hope NWA got themselves a great deal.

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