Christian Cage: “Tony Khan Loved My TNA Run”

If you see a lot of TNA influence in the AEW version of Christian Cage, it will be no coincidence. Christian revealed on Rene Paquette’s “Oral Sessions” podcast that Tony Khan loved his TNA run and thats why Cage chose to use his old music:

“Tony was such a fan of the TNA Christian Cage era so why not use the music? Obviously there’s a partnership with Impact. So why not use it and revamp it a little bit, make it our own”

Mike’s Take: That was my favorite part of the Christian Cage debut. Hearing that old music and seeing essentially the same countdown video from his TNA days was awesome. Instead of hiding the fact that Khan and company are old TNA fans, I’m glad they embracing what was good about it. Christian should not only be in the WWE hall of fame, but now that he is in AEW, he should go in the IMPACT hall of fame.

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