Joe Hendry: “Drew McIntyre Was Our Undertaker”

Ring of Honor’s Joe Hendry provided his thoughts to James from That 90’s Podcast on his fellow countryman Drew McIntyre’s success in WWE, and what he is like in the ring:

On Drew being a leader:

“Drew was our Undertaker. So when people talk about the Undertaker being a locker room leader “The Example”, Drew was that, he was a class act in and out of the Ring, there was no better representative for British Wrestling”.

On What its like wrestling Drew:

“The thing about Drew is he can have match of the night, he can have an amazing match with anybody. At the time I was very inexperienced when I started wrestling Drew, I had only been on shows for 2 and a half years.

Me and Drew started working together in 2016 In Whatculture (WCPW), and I started training in 2013 and I debuted at the end of 2013. So I only really had 2 years show experience and Drew was able to bring me up a level or 2 to be able to hang with him.

There’s some people that you work with and you just get better, and I think Kurt (Angle) and Drew are the 2 big ones, but the thing about Drew is he can have a great match with anyone from Will Osprey to Goldberg, Anyone.”

Check out the full interview below. James always does a great job. Be sure to subscribe!

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