Vince Russo on Who Should Lead WWE When Vince McMahon Dies

James from That 90’s Wrestling Podcast recently interviewed Vince Russo and asked who he thinks should takeover WWE when Vince McMahon passes away:

“Linda (Mcmahon) needs to takeover, that’s who needs to takeover bro. Because I think Linda would eliminate all the wrestling political B.S, & run a successful business.
They have a horrible, horrible, horrible, television product & I really believe Linda McMahon would bring in the right people to maybe turn that around.”

Mike’s Take: Linda and Vince McMahon are about the same age so when he dies, she is probably right behind him. Also, Russo saying Linda would remove political B.S. considering her current job is political B.S. is hilarious. Russo is always a fun, train-wreck and I always enjoy James’s work. Check it out!

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