Matt Cardona-IMPACT Update

Matt Cardona debuted for IMPACT tonight at the Hard To Kill ppv event in a no-dq bout against Ace Austin. While he did debut for IMPACT, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select provided details on his contractual status:

“he’s with IMPACT Wrestling,” which is true…for this week. We’re told that as of now, Cardona does not have a full-time contract with IMPACT and is working this week’s television tapings”. 

CHUCKS TAKE: It would be wise for IMPACT to actually sign Cardona to a permanent deal due to his massive following. He will add a lot of eyes to the product especially in segments and quarters where he would be featured in. There is a big case you can make for him and Myers as a tag team replacing the north and feuding with the Good Brothers. That is a big money match and will further generate some buzz for the promotion. I would even go further and suggest adding Heath to their tandem, as having all 3 parties in a stable will wreak havoc in the wrestling world. So many stories can be told of his character which is why it is imperative signing him should be a top priority.

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