IMPACT Wrestling Looking at Expansion?

Its no secret that the current IMPACT roster is as thin as ever. WWE recently released 10 wrestlers including former IMPACT talents Samoa Joe, Mickie James, and Chelsea Green (Laurel Van Ness). However before the releases were announced, IMPACT was already planning to expand the roster, specifically with the knockouts.

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BQ of the IMPACT lounge took to YouTube to reveal that even more KOs are coming outside of the WWE released talents, and not counting Taylor Wilde and Rachel Ellering who are awaiting their debuts.

Additionally, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter seems to think that IMPACT could be looking to expand further and might be players in free agency this summer:

“Many of the talent cut should be able to hook up with ROH, New Japan (maybe not right away), Impact or AEW and one would think even if they couldn’t get a major contract, all would be welcome in MLW or NWA. In particular, with Impact looking at expansion and ROH trying to do a women’s division.”

Dave also stated that IMPACT is looking to add Mexican talent, specifically name dropping Vikingo, who is waiting for his visa.

No company benefitted more and was more aggressive in signing the WWE talent that was released last April than IMPACT. They brought in Heath, Myers, Purazzo, Cardona, EC3 and The Good Brothers. Versus AEW who only brought in Miro and Tay Conti.


  1. You forgot Eric Young and Deoanna was released a few weeks prior to the mass firing, Cardona was in AEW first, and EC3 was there for a few weeks before jumping to ROH.


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