Ivellise Blames Thunder Rosa for Issues in AEW

Ivellise told Lucha Libre Online that she was shocked by her release from AEW and didn’t understand why she was released, but has an idea. She feels like Thunder Rosa was damaging her name there.

The two had an altercation during a match on Dynamite several months back. Apparently they both were having communication issues leading to some stiff blows and no-selling.

“At the beginning, everything seemed great, and I had my hopes through the roof, and I was very happy, but I will be very honest with you. I said it the first day of my release; I felt valued and happy, but one person was doing everything to damage my position there. It was Thunder Rosa.”

She went on to say: “I noticed too late just how much damaged was made to my name, and I only realized after analyzing the chain of events from everything that went on and it made a lot more sense, because this and this happened because of this and whether it was fair or not.” H/t Fightful

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